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Rain names

England's climate is complex but we can always count on rain. No wonder we have so many wet words. Here are a few I use myself :)

1. Rain (again?)

2. Mizzle (misty rain, great for your complexion)

3. Drizzle (light spattering rain. Embrace it.)

4. Spitting (little droplets on your face, especially in your eye)

5. Pattering (light rain with large droplets)

6. Shower (brief spell of endless rain)

7. Cloudburst (the heavens opened just like you thought they would. Feeling smug with your giant eye poking brolly?)

8. Sunshower (bipolar shot of rain on what was guaranteed to be a gorgeous sunny day.)

9. Squall (passing spell of strong winds and dark black clouds with rain shower. Run like a bat out of hell.)

10. Pissing it (heavy rain that runs inside your boots)

11. Tippling it down (heavy rain. Time for a cuppa tea.)

12. Driving rain (rain coming at you sideways due to a cross wind. Why oh why did you go outside?)

13. Downpour (sudden rain especially when you don't have your umbrella and you're wearing new white sneakers)

14. Pelting it down (serious downpour. Dash inside to watch TV.)

15. Chucking it down (serious downpour. Sod trying to stay dry. Go barefoot and play in the mud.)

16. Coming down in sheets (wall of rain. Stop and admire God's water show.)

17. Hammering on the window (indoor puzzle kind of day)

18. Plothering it down (Midlands talk of heavy rain with no wind. Grandad might say this if he's feeling funny.)

19. Sleet (icy rain. Brutal.)

20. Thunderstorm (a disaster mix of rain, lightning and angry clouds. Dash away from the trees and pray you're wearing rubber-soled Wellies. Then count how long you have until lightning burns off your eyebrows).

As the saying goes, there's no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear. Boot up!

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