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Hello! I am the author of  TODAY IS A ME DAY, a picture book for ages 3 and up. 

I believe we all need a Me Day to reboot, so we can give back to others. On my Me Days, I love to play the piano, skip stones in my park's pond, and make fancy picnic blankets for my fanciful friends. 

Poems bubble out of me anytime. 


About Me:

I grew up on the edge of Sherwood Forest and yes, my father really was the High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, England. As a young child, I lived in the woods, made my own bow and arrows, mixed mud potions, built forts in the rhododendrums, made hamster hotels, and climbed trees until way past bedtime. 

In 2017, I founded the Bellport Children's Festival, a whimsical, immersive children's storytelling festival set on Isabella Rossellini's newly named MAMA Farm on Long Island. 

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Today I live in Brooklyn, NY with my rambunctious children and our wild wolf, Sugar. I still climb trees and the occasional mountain. 


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I am available for Storytime, craft activities and more. 
Please contact me or my publisher for details.
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